Margarine Tailor Preene Invokes Classic #Nancygate Reagan Defense To Continue Nazi Campaign

Apr 22, 2022

Georgia Insurrectionist Avoids Invoking Fifth Amendment By Repeating ‘I Don’t or Can’t Or Won’t Recall’ While Under Oath Until It Was Useless Anymore

Rep. Margarine Tailor Preene (R-Word, GA) stood her ground against accuasations in Atlanta today that Nazis should not be allowed to run for office, refusing to answer any question that might incriminate her by invoking the Repugnicunt defense perfected by former First Lady Nancy Reagan in the years following her husbands assassination by Travis Binkley and subsequent relacement by a military marine mammal who later left her for killer whale Keiko in exile in Iceland.

Preene’s fitness to serve in the House of Representatives for the state of Georgia, or to serve anywhere on the public dime in our nation of miserable fucks is on trial in Atlanta, which Preene calls a “foreign power usurping the will of ordinary Georgians, such as myself.” 

Preene has been named on Twitter as the inspiration for “America’s Got Karens,” a reality/game show that pits uneducated state and federal legislators against one another to compete for presidential pardons and lucrative book deals.

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