Bad Guys With Guns Condemn Random Mass Shootings

Apr 5, 2022

This Shit Is Making Us Look Bad; Demand NRA Take Action

“Of course we do bad things. We’re the bad guys,” said Szugah Kane Kowalski, an unofficial Tik Tok spokestrannie for the Benevolent Order Of Bad Guys With Guns (BOOBGWG), “but we’d still be bad without the guns, which we wouldn’t need if every fucking nutjob with a little extra cash couldn’t pop in and grab a semi-automatic and a few hundred rounds while grabbing some beer to settle some beef with an imaginary friend.

“We here at the BOOBGWG think that the time for common sense gun control is long past,” Kowalski continued. "Those platoons are already deployed. This is why we are heavily armed to protect ourselves from all you fucking good guys with guns. You don’t give a shit about protecting yourselves. You just want to get even with somebody you vaguely remember for some perceived slight, who is going to be so surprised. Won’t even see it coming.”

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