Turdwaffle Supporters Double Down On Support For Russian Tough Love In Ukraine

Feb 28, 2022

Silent Majority Continues To Show Support For One To Three Percenters

If you were to watch or listen to the news anywhere in this nation of miserable fucks in recent weeks, you might think that the least menacing threat to American democracy is the Second Amendment right of any potentially competetive full-contact debater to unload a a clip of caps in your ass from short or long range with or without intention to do you harm.

Instead, the largely unarmed and decidedly non-violent  80% minority of this nation of miserable fucks is willing to cower in their homes or resign themselves to serving as moving targets or collateral backstops for some patriot in the throes of a celebratory heavy-metal jacketed ejaculation of joy and howling at some random fat rats booty like a good frat boy.

The latest Were Totally Fucked poll from Bad Housekeeping and Worse Civic Engagment shows 83% of all Americans favor increased economic sanctions against the Russian government in response to its invasion of Ukraine, with just 17% opposed. These results are echoes in new ONAN research conducted C. D. Spiller and Associates, the analysts who have all your sides, front to back.

The same 17% who think Putin is winning so much the world is getting sick of it and doing a great job, by the way, used to be called The Silent Majority, when they made up 20% of the electorate.

But you already knew this, right?

If you’re so stupid, no wonder you’re not rich, huh?

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