Trump Urges US To Repaint F22s To Look Like MIGs

Mar 6, 2022

And Dress The Seal Team Guys Like Antifa

Former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & one of Ronald Reagans most inflamed rectal polyps, Dimwit Donald J Turdwaffle interupted a wedding at a brand new Mar-a-Lago  recently opened in New Orleans on Saturday “to send a message to the White House,” according to an unnamed source redolent of unburned methane.

“We should take our F-22 planes,” told his RNC donors, “ ut the Chinese flag on them and bomb the shit out of Russia, while we dress up all our Seals and Green Berettas to look like antifa and have them take Crimea in those little rubber boats. Then we say - China and the liberal elite did it, we didn’t do it, China and antifa did it, and they start figthging with each other and we sit back and watch, and soon I am reinstated and all the good people get pardons.”

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