Repugnicunts Push Racist Bullshit About Biden's Supreme Court Promise

Feb 1, 2022

We Don’t Need More Uppity Black Women Telling White Men What To Do

GOP leadership continues to attack President Biden for attempting to fulfill his campaign promise to nominate a highly qualified black woman to the Supreme Court as soon as the opportunity presented. 

While it is generally considered honorable to devote energy to fulfilling campaign promises that benefit rich people, white poeple, or both, “Persisting in this kind of racist folly,” said Sen Ted Cruz (R-Word, TX), "is just silly. Black women make up less than six percent of our population. What’s next? Will we be forced to put an Asian on the Supreme Court? They make up nearly six percent of the population. What about an MS-13 Supreme Court Justice? There should be three of them on the court right now, if my math is right.

Rep. & State Attorney General candidate Louie Gohmert (R-Word, TX) added, “If God had wanted a black woman on the court, why didn't He already put one there?

Some say you can’t argue with logic like that.

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