Eric Trump Threatens To Execute Great Vengeance Upon His Enemies

Feb 15, 2022

And I Will Execute Great Vengeance Upon Them With Furious Rebukes; And They Shall Know That I Am Eric, When I Shall Lay My Vengeance Upon Them

To say that the only son of former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator who could pass for Gary Busey’s kid is pissed by the Mazars USA decision to cut ties with America’s former First Crime Family over accounting irregularities is a little like comparing shit to shinola. It all tastes the same when you’re into it. Ask Eric.

According to unnamed sources who may or may not exist, Eric wept openly during an appearance on Fox News Monday evening while attacking American voters for the latest scandals, who “go after my father every single day for nothing, right? Where is it any of their business what my father does to make his deals? They voted for him. They should just let him rule. Just because he’s clearly the frontrunner among the smart money for 2024. That’s why they are all after him. When we win, this time, we will not forget our enemies, and we know exactly who they are and where they live!

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