CDC Labels White Stupremacists Developmentally Averse

Feb 13, 2022

Ms. Malaprop Coined The Term Stupremacy After Attending The Premiere Of King Ubu As A Guest Of W. B. Yeats

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention now considers stupremacy” to be a highly contagious socially-transmitted neurological disorder that was first observed by French surrealist pataphysician Alfred Jarry during the so-called “Gay Nineties.

Jarry’s Ubu Cycle is seen by many as an eschatalogical attack on the foundations of economic dictatorships masquerading as representative democracies.

Others find the plays “delightful,” “exquisite,” and “a joy to behold,” according to several unpublished reports mentioned on the Internet.

“Stupremacy” is derived from combining the obvious stupidity of assuming that one’s own asshole is in some divine way superior to some other schmuck’s asshole with the innate stupidity of creating a word like “supremacy” to begin with.

End of lecture.

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