Let's Talk About Depression, Great, Middling, Or Small

Dec 11, 2022

Depressed People Have No Inner Resources


Do you really believe depressed people would be treated the way they are if our benevolent Christian capitalist overlords thought they had not yet extracted every bit of marketable fluff from their non-existentialistic existences?

I cant remember the last time I was really depressed before a doctor said so in the visit notes, besides that time I was pushed out into this shit hole of an existence when I could have been blissfully aborted.

I’ve been angry, amused, pissed, psychotic, and comfortably numb for more than three quarters of century, but I’ve never been depressed.

Compressed, maybe. Oppressed. Repressed. 

Occasionally slightly disposessed but never impressed by this obviously freedumbocratic reality many of my fellow idiots call #TheAmericanWay!

If you’re depressed and have no inner resources, don’t come mining on me.

Just saying.

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