Leaked NOAA Memo From 2018 Warns Of Need For Complete East Coast Mass Evacuations At Least 50 Miles Inland By 2029

Jan 22, 2022

We Are Running Out Of Time To Save Our coastal Populations

I am only surprised that it took this long for Old Rummy Reagan’s supply-side plantation economy reliance on Just In Time (JIT) production & servicing policies & procedures to wipe out a significant portion of America’s uneducated population with its complete & total irrational exuberance.

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The Portland Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic, Lounge & Laundromat was founded by Lawrence Nada in a single-wide mobile tarpaper shanty on Mt. Gilead Rd, Pittsboro, NC in 1976, using Alfred Jarry's original recipe.

Committed to imaginary excellence, PPOCLL staff & patients offer #UncommonSense & demand side alternatives to #TheReaganLegacy's #SupplySide #PlantationEconomy & #CommunityPoliceState  which has left the USA so noxious that whales continue to beach themselves on our shores in protest.


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