Donald Trump's Fiercest Critics Now Agree With His COVID Fighting Strategy

Jan 5, 2022

And No I Am Not Making That Newsweek Headline Up

See for yourself:

I can remember when Newsweek was the official liberal newsweekly before they embraced our supply-side plantation economy & love of freedumbocracy.

I was curious about who these fiercest critics were & what COVID fighting strategy they were now agreeing on, so I decided to wear off a couple of more layers of my frontal cortex to see what Newsweek had to say.

Was it embracing ivermection, hydroxychloroquine, and sticking a tactical UV lamp up your ass as DIY cures? Apparently it does help in the NFL if you want to be MVP.

Was it arguing that if we did less testing, we’d see fewer cases? Granted, Biden could try to use that line of thinking to explain the current surge: “We relied too much on testing, and trusting idiots to get vaccinated. That’s my bad.”

Was it doing a whole lot of One Minute Wishing to make everyone wish COVID was just a Democrat hoax that was going to go away like a miracle in a couple of weeks, or right after the next election? 

Was it urging his followers to liberate Michigan and try Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for imposing lockdowns & other measures to stop the spread of a deadly pandemic that Turdwaffle protrayed as a Democrat plot to steal elections?

Believe it or not, the Nazis over at Newsweek gave Diaper Don credit for the vaccines that weren’t even developed using Operation Warp Speed, vaccines that Trump downplayed & poo-poo’d to attract anti-vaxxers to his insurrection, all because the fat asshole who hid his initial vaccination from the public, recently endured boos from his fascist minions when he promoted booster shots & admitted to getting one himself.

Newsweek gaslights the entire Kung Flu issue by talking about the Wuhan Lab Theory of COVID’s origins as if it is established fact & not a Fox News talking point.

But the chief point Newstweekers want to make is that state’s rights still matter, to which I can only say: “Well, that’s white of you.”

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