Turdwaffle To Honor 9/11 Heroes With Evander Holyfield Ringside Tag Team

Sep 8, 2021

Junior Promises “Two-Fisted Entertainment” To Make America Great

Former twice-impeachment unindicted coconspirator Donald J. Turdwaffle and his eldest son Donald J. Turdwaffle Jr. have teamed up with FITE TV to give good patriotic Americans the kind of entertainment they crave on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 hoax when Deep State operatives attacked the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, & a top secret coronavirus weapons lab in rural Pennsylvania out of Islamic spite.

“With the government still trying to enslave our American voters with mask and vaccine mandates,” the younger Turdwaffle told a packed press conference of Repugnicunt sympathizers, where he read a statement from his father, “who couldn’t be here tonight because he is solving climate change, which we all know is just something Chuck Schumer and AOC made up control their rabid and uneducated  socialist base.”

“My father would like me to say: ‘I love great fighters and great fights. I look forward to seeing both this Saturday night and sharing my thoughts ringside on this holiest of days besides Christmas. You won’t want to miss this special event.'” 

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