Marjoe Failure Greene Urges Southerners To Shoot Vaccine Volunteers

Aug 6, 2021

“We All Love Our Second Amendment Rights,” Smarmy Seditionist Smiles

Not content with having been stripped of all her committee assignments for having promoted the January 6th insurrection, freshman Georgia Rep. Marjoe Failure Greene told the Alabama Confederation of Repugnicunt Grabbable Pussies on Tuesday that southerners could probably get away with shooting any volunteer from the Biden administration who knocks on their doors trying to encourage them to get the COVID vaccine, if they havn't already.

“Getting away with things is our great southern heritage from time immaterial !” Greene shouted at th large proudly  uneducated crowd. “Ain’t y’all been saving them Dixie cups for the day when the South shall rise again, greater than ever?”

“Joe Biden wants to come visit you guys, asking all sorts of embarrassing questions,” Greene told the battalion of blonde bimbos who paid good money to hear her prattle on, “He’s gonna be sending one of his deep police state Needle Nazis to your front door asking you to violate your HIPAA rights. And then they’ll arrest you for doing what they made you do. Yeah, well, what they don’t know is in the South we all love our Second Amendment rights. We’re not real big on liberal strangers showing up on our front porch, are we? Those socialists might not like the welcome they get.”

Rep. Greene paused for several minutes of a standing ovation from the horny housewives of Alabama, before goosestepping off stage to strains of "Old Black Joe, "shouting: “We don’t need your Fauci Ouchie! We’re making America great again!”

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