Marjoe Greenegartner Slams Nazi Haters

Jul 6, 2021

“You Liberals Can Go Back Where You Came From!” Georgia Rep Shouts At Somebody Who Gets Paid To Repeat Her Dumb Shit

After a July 4th celebraation where Georgia’s most intelligent representative even took off her riot helmet & flak jacket to go NRA-topless while greeting supporters, Marjorie Taylor Greene showed off what she learned during her recent Holocaust Museum Tour with a series of tweets telling everybody except Jews that they should go back where they came from if they don’t love the flag like she & former twice-impeached president Donald J. Turdwaffle do, while waving a slightly soiled Chinese-manufactured stars & stripes which she claimed contained both her & Turdwaffle’s DNA, “look close, right here. She how it shines for you & all the things you do? That’s what makes America great!”

No one knows why this asshole is not behind bars, but that’s how things go in this nation of miserable fucks, after 40 years of the Reagan legacy’s supply-side plantation economy & community police state.

It will not be enough to vote these assholes out.

We need to disarm them.

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