Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Equal Time

Jun 5, 2021

"No Fag Flags On My Watch!” Screams #FamilyValues Leader

The Old Glory Only Act sponsor slammed antifa Socialist Democrats while also demanding more respect she does not deserve in a fiesty speech during a pole-dancing fund-raiser at the Lester Maddox Christian Family Forum on Saturday.

Greene took time out from her busy insurrectionist schedule to speak with Newshax media personality Walt “BOGO” Kelly to explain why it is so important to ban any flag other than the official Republican Ivanka Trump-branded stars & stripes “to prevent confusion among the riff-raff & welfare queens who have made America an easy mark for Bahrain adversaires and antifa progressives. The reason why this is important is the American flag is the flag that represents every single American on Earth, the greatest planet white people ever created, & we don’t need political identity politics, we don’t need the al Qaeda party making one group more important than the most important group that my family grew up on.”

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