Marjorie Taylor Blames Big Guy For COVID-19

Jun 9, 2021

“I Don’t Believe In Evolution. I Believe in God!”

Fire Fauci Act author & Georgia’s favorite insurrectionist representative, Margarine “Say What?” Greene is drumming up support among the uneducated, unvaccinated, & unmasked to join her in urging the illegimately elected president to adapt the police militarization program that has worked so well to prop up the Reagan legacy’s supply side plantation economy to address the Chinese virus “by firing off a handful of our good Lord’s gospel birds of heavenly megatonage toward Wuhan & then we can start asking the hard questions.”

Appearing on The Real Voice Of America’s Dogs & Ponies radio show with Steve Bannon, Ms. Greene, who refers to herself as “The Real Greene Deal” in recent fundraising e-mails, claimed Fauci & the CDC are probably guilty of war crimes for having developed a Chinese bioweapon disguised as a suspicious white powder that was contained in a love letter from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to twice-impeached former president in November of 2019. The president apparently snorted it all.

“I’m no liberal. You can’t tell me they were working with these viruses to make vaccines & cures for them to give away for free. Where’s the money in that? I don’t buy it because I don’t believe in evolution. I don’t believe in that type of so-called ‘science’. I don’t believe in evolution, I believe in God, & God believes in me. End of story.”

“And while we’re at it, we need to string up Phony Tony Fauci by his nutsack for what he did to kill nearly a million American with his bad advice & flip-flops.” Dr. Fauci is often mocked for his foot wear by right wing extremists, who also believe that Fauci personally directed billions of American taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to fund a program that developed military viruses, designed to target Americans. Google it.

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