BLM Declares Black Fungus A Forest Product

Jun 17, 2021

Harvesters Must Buy A Permit

America’s supply side plantation economy wasted no time finding a bright side to the Delta variant of COVID19 & the black fungus infestations that plague many of the survivors. The nation’s top economists are hard at work developing policies & procedures to ensure this new & exciting source of meat-flavoring can be harvested & processed into profitable commodities.

The Delta variant black fungus, like a Dan O’Bannon zombie, feeds on human brains & other soft tissue inside the human skull. The smarter the brain, the more valuable the fungus. Not only that, but the fruiting bodies of this fungus are capable of transfering the intelligence of the host upon which it was nurtured to the palette of the diner.

Unfortunately, now that most of the nation’s intelligent people have already been vaccinated, most of the fungus available to American consumers in the coming years will be grown on piles of idiot shit to be consumed by even dumber idiots.

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