At The Rate The Stupid Are Killing Themselves With COVID

Oct 21, 2021

Our Nation Of Miserable Fucks May Endure!

I’m still telling you I told you so like I did way back during the bicentennial, which did not involve a shit pile of non-binary people demanding equal rights in our freedumbocracy, although I have been adamant in attesting that reality is not binary & never has been. That’s just another bit of capitalist horse shit to keep the uneducable happy to occasionally find meaningless employment in debilitating jobs they may one day qualify to be trained for.

Meanwhile, the #CountdownTo800Thousand continues. Which side of tally do you hope to find yourself when we’ve filled 1.2 million cadaver cosies, as I predicted in January, 2020 we would accomplish during one of the many skirmishes over Christmas in 2021?

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Committed to imaginary excellence, PPOCLL staff & patients offer #UncommonSense & demand side alternatives to #TheReaganLegacy's #SupplySide #PlantationEconomy & #CommunityPoliceState  which has left the USA so noxious that whales continue to beach themselves on our shores in protest.


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