Climate Crisis Awareness

Sep 20, 2019

The Global Climate Crisis Awareness First Strike

Maybe a few “responsible” American adults are finally waking up to the realization that their kids are fearless and honest enough to acknowledge what they’ve been experiencing in their short violence-soaked lives. The government won’t save us. Angry people with guns will continue to threaten and kill us, and any survivors will go extinct as the planet becomes unfit for human habitation during the next half century. 


Because government of the people, by the people, and for the people is either not a particularly good form of government or the idea was always the punchline to a setup no one really remembers.

Either that or this form of government has never come to grips with the appeal of mass suicide to those who love power and those who love to be loved by people who love power.

Welcome to #TheReaganLegacy.

Not everyone survives the third or fourth cup of Koolaid. I did. I drink a little every day, like my hero Mithridates.

I have a theory that terran intelligence continually arrives at approximately at the same point on the cosmic ferris wheel every several tens of millions of years. I assume this is the truth Einstein was alluding to when he defined insanity as repetitive activity that serves no purpose. As terran intelligence approaches omniscience, something terrible happens that wipes out nearly everything it had come to understand, and things start again among the rubble.

Insanity is different from madness. Madness can be defined as “minority opinion based on empirical evidence.” Majority opinion usually is supported by the big guys with the big guns. It doesn’t need evidence.  Take Donald Trump and the GOP.


Did you listen to Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN today? You can view the entire thing below.  

Greta’s speech is a good example of how to call out insanity and an even better example of how madness may be the only thing that can save humanity from the insanity of terran intelligence.

People are always quick to find some good beneath the obvious bad shit they are willing to live with. Few of them are willing to dig deeper into the abominations that lurk beneath that shriveled shell of good encrusted with ordinary market-driven evil. Earth worshippers would do well to consider that terran intelligence might turn out being as wrong-headed as we humans are.

Yes, the world is coming to an end, and yes, most of us old farts will be dead long before the healthiest younguns are left to fend for themselves on a toxic hellscape populated by more weapons than survivors can figure out who to kill next with.

I remember Mrs. Criscola asking our class in 1953 what we all wanted to be when we grew up. Most of the kids wanted to be cowboys, firemen, mommies, daddies, soldiers and baseball players, but I was already an irredeemably satirical little shit, so when it came to me, I told her I wanted to be cruel.

All these years later, I realize that I never fulfilled my third grade dream, and yet the world around us slowly stripped away its finery and showed us just how ugly and cruel we all are.

I’m not saying I was anything like Greta at 16. But I did share her contempt for my elders, as I now share my own contempt for stupidity with my juniors, my peers, and my ancestors while always striving to achieve that pinnacle of American human achievement of never succumbing to say “I told you so.”

I remember when Robert Fripp gave up on King Crimson in 1974 to devote himself to writing music for the apocalypse, beginning with the No Pussyfooting collaboration with Brian Eno, “Swastika Girls” included.  This song from In The Court of the Crimson King could serve well as an anthem for the Climate Crisis Cardiac Kids. It’s not like kids haven’t been trying to get adults to pay attention since WWII.

Final thought: While listening to Greta this morning, a couple of turns of phrase reminded of this anthem from another dim and distant age when young people got fooled again.

America: That’s how we roll.

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