The Man In The White Castle

Mar 1, 2017

While the White House press whores snored...

…we watched another episode of The Man In The High Castle, which is about what the United States would be like if Donald “Jerkwad” Trump had convinced Russia to invest in this nation of miserable fucks (NOMF™) in exchange for a cabinet of deplorables willing to launder rubles for state-sponsored terrorists, and everyone thought it was something to put behind us so we could get on the with business of building walls and making the world safe for freedumbmocracy.

If the mainstream media isn’t careful, they’ll be relegated to reporting on vague new farm subsidy programs where arid wastelands are miraculously turned into productive farms and ranches by spreading composted Muslims, gays, Mexicans, liberals, and regime opponents on fallow ground and irrigating it with a viscous red liquid whose actual ingredients are a state secret.

America has been gleefully heading down the path to totalitarian mindlessness since Reagan pissed all over the middle-class and told them it was prosperity. The liberal media was so willingly castrated by the old rummy, that they spent the Clinton administration convincing the NOMF that the worst thing that ever happened in the Oval Office involved oral sex and muscular cigars.

By the time the Supreme Court handed the country back to the Republicans in 2000, the middle-class was almost entirely tapped out, so Lon Cheney, Ronald McRumsfeld, Johann Asscough, Speedo Gonzales, and the entire neocondi rice and beaner basket of deplorables set about casting Fubar W. Bush as the most misunderestimated First Idiot in the history of failed presidencies.

The media loved it. After 8 years of moaning about how the White House had been disrespected and defiled by a huckster from Arkansas who liked to fuck on America’s most important desk, the press was loaded with potential scud studs and full metal jacket flacks who jumped on board the newly launched never-ending campaign war on humanity and reason.

Is it any wonder that the media is back to its obsequious glory this morning after fawning over how the current First Idiot didn’t bite the head off a migrant chicken as his first State of Disunion address?

This country is close to being over, people. It shouldn’t make you feel any better that the idiots who voted this scumbag into office will probably also be rounded up and rendered for the greater good. 

But in the meantime, we can all have a good laugh trying to imagine how much worse things can still get.

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