Kancel Kulchur

Dec 22, 2016

Is it time yet for shamer shaming?

Has the whole world turned lapsed Catholic? Has Trumpism so firmly taken hold of our great NOMF™ that any unfiltered observation of something visible in the actual world must be condemned and the utterer attacked by mindless hordes of Demoblicans, Independpants, Lispetarians, Milletennials, Vibratogogues, and Republocraps? 

Generalizations are often helpful, people, in a world with several billion assholes — a goodly percentage of which are clearly malignant — strutting around with their teeth clenched and their culturally Zikified brains. 

This world is not a binary construct, and Zero the Hero is constantly overwhelmed by the cloyingly sanctimonious. There are billions of shades of meaningless gray to confront the NOMF obsession with black and white, wrong and right, weakness and might, flight or fight.

I imagine that love crimes are at least as dangerous as hate crimes. Go ahead and shame me for being one of the other people. What does not kill me, makes me fart. Take a whiff on me.

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