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I Apologize For My Recent Absence From These Cave Walls

Jun 13, 2023

I Was Suffering From FOMO & Thinking That Elon’s Tender Titter Reinstatement Or The Plantation Economy’s Slovenly Substack Could Feed My Troglodyte Jones

But I was wrong, as usual. 

It’s my job to write the wrongs. I invented Critical Rapist Theory.

I don’t mind being wrong. Nobody’s life depends upon my being wrong.

Fun fact: your life doesn’t mean shit to me or anyone or anything else, no matter how much our toxic civilized infrastructure seems to place importance upon it.

That’s just science.

If you don’t like science, there’s always religion.

If you don’t like religion, there’s always reality.

If you don’t like reality, there’s always #AmericaFirst and the #AltReich and #Freedumbocracy.

What keeps me going is knowing that I will never have to interact with any of you miserable fucks once off myself.

That’s right.

I will eventually off myself, and there’s nothing you pathetic losers can do about it. There are only a couple of lifeforms here I need to care about, and if you think you’re among them, I have news for you.

Ask my Uncle Ted Kaczynki, who managed to blow himself up with the most personally designed message to America that I can think of.


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