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Is There No One To Nominate That Meddlesome George DeSantos For Transexual Jew-ish Spritzer Of The House?

Jan 6, 2023

It Seems Like A Perfect Opportunity For The God Of You Choice To Weigh In On Whether Democracy Has Become So Messy Our Nation Of Miswrble Fucks Has Run Out Of Pooper Scoopers To Deal With It

Seems like #YoMama likes her some #ExistentialTrickQuestions presented on the torturous tip of God’s #TerribleSwiftianSword.

If those links don’t work, complain to Elon Musk, the Head Twit, who prefers Nazis to pataphysical anarchists.

A bonus tip for those paying attention during our REAL end times: An American moderate is considerably to the right of Hitler’s Third Reich. 

Moderation, like poetry, makes nothing happen.

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