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Boris Johnson To Replace Turdwaffle & Son On Truth Social Board

Jul 9, 2022

It’s Just Until This Dreadful Hullaboo Blows Over, Says Deflated Pompous Windbag

When former British Prime Minister, Boris The Spider Johnson (R-Word, International Edition) stepped down from his position earlier this week, he cryptically said it was “too spend more time with my spiritual family in the colonies,” it was assumed by astute poopadoodle observors that he was headed for Bermuda or the Cayman Islands.

Turns out the johnny-mop-top premier european party dog is headed for Mar A Lago, where he is set to replace  former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & failed election rigger Donaldo Grabito Pussolini and his son Little Junior who were removed from the board of Trump Media and Tchnology Group in a filing with the Florida Division of Shady Corporations.

Other members who were terminated from the Truth Social board included John Baron, Wes S. Moss, Kashyap Front Patel, Prince Andrew Northwall and Scott Adams Glabe. A Truth spokesblonde, speaking on condition of full frontal nudity, refused to answer questions on the record about in exchange for immunity from “mean tweets from those horrible antifa, until she realized we aren’t a pod cast.

Boris was originally prepared to replace all six ousted board members until Eric Trump allegedly vetoed the deal because his name wasn’t mentioned in any of the recent leaked reports about the shake-up. Even after Johnson suggested he was prepared to replace the entire Truth Social board for $100 million and a series of pardons to be named later, it now appears the deal is dead and Trump family members scramble to find better yachts to abandon.

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