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Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Colin Kaepernick

Jun 27, 2022

Should Not Have Been Fired For Taking A Knee In Deference To “Shit-Hole God”

Writing for the Nazi majority, Dissociative Justice Clarence “Pube Boy” Thomas ruled in favor of a former star NFL quarterback who lost his job & was blacklisted by the league after former twice-impeached Unindicted Cco-conspirator and Predator In Chief, Grabito Pussolini condemned the uppity player for protetsing America’s great heritage by “taking a knee to honor his God from shit-hole country.”

Kaepernink lost his job with the San Francisco 49ers in 2015

Injustice Thomas delievery the opinion for the extremists in the case, known as Kaepernick v. The Crazy Bronze Fat Fuck. “The Consitution and the best of our traditions counsel mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression,” Thomas said, pulling a pubic hair off his soft drink can as he motioned to an intern, “for religious and nonreligious views alike,” adhering sstrictly to the disgraced court’s addiction to binary thinking, not even mention the sacreligious, atheists, and antitheists who have been largely responsible in this nation of miserable fucks having lastest this long.

Ooops! Is my face red?

This just in: I apparently interpreted a random tweet incorrectly. It appears the court was not weighing in on the ongoing unwritten ban against Kaepernick for protesting systemic racism and institutional genocide of non-whites and was actually encouraging shameless Christians to impose their narrow world view on people who pay the taxes that fund their fucking salaries, the assholes.

Maybe it’s finally time to #NukeTheSupremeCourt. As some worthless douchebag once said: What have you got to lose?

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