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Judge J. Michael Luttig Declares America Is At War Against Nazi Tendencies

Jun 16, 2022

Rejects Calls For Arms Embargo To Cut Off Supplies To Insurrectionist Militias

Former federal circuit judge J. Michael Luttig (R-Word, retired) was nominated to the bench by George “Thousand Points Of White” Bush. He testified today before the January 6 Select Committee investigation into the failed coup of former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator and official GOP American Family Values role model, Donald J. Grabito Pussolini.

You can read his complete statement through this link to CNN.

I sometimes wonder how primitive cave painters handled links to other caves with material that inspired the work currently under consideration by the Neanderthal Endowment For The Arts, but not for long. There was an extinction coming!

Unfortunately, in our nation of miserable fucks, any angry asshole with enough cash can own and bear arms and use them to do any fucking thing he or she or them or it decides to until Bob Dylan sues us for not crediting use of his lyric or the local taxpayer-funded gaspachio is called in to eliminate the nimrod threat with extreme prejudice.

Fun fact: prejudice and discrimination are key to American Family Values and Manifest Destiny.

So I’m extremely disappointed that Judge Luttig didn’t call for the immediate suspension of arms sales to the avowed domestic terrorists in our nation of miserable fucks, many of them direct descendents of the original 796 Nazi breeding pairs we rescued from Europe at the end of World War II to prevent the commies from breeding them “until we can find out what the hell is going on, as Pussolini once said while explaining why he wanted to ban Muslims  or anyone from an administration-disapproved list of known shit hole countries from entering the US.

Pop Quiz!

When exactly did we let Nazis get away with running the government and its community police state?


Hint: I suspect it was around the time of the McCarthy hearings, but I don’t really care about being wrong when being wrong feels so right.

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