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Fresh Off Their Supreme Court Forced Labor For Reluctant Mothers Victory, Nazis Set Sites On Outlawing Anything They Don't Like At The State Level

Jun 25, 2022


I have good news and bad news about the current state of our nation of miserable fucks. In keeping our great white tradition of not fixing anything until it kills us, I’ll start with the bqd news.

Pigfuckers are never satisfied until they have fucked up the world for every last non-believer in whatever cult they belong to has been reeducated or terminated with extreme prejudice.

If you think these sanctimonious assholes are any different from concentration camp guards or hundreds of patriotic members of the former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator’s murderous four-year rampage against humanity and the marginal intelligence it sometimes displays or the teabaggers who showed up to intimidate town hall meetings during the ACA debate, you are obviously deserving of all God’s love, because I hate your fucking imaginary soul.

So if you think living in a state where an 80% minority (because the less than one tenth of one percent rules all the rings of hell) of the people believe in democracy and the liberal doctrine of living how you want to and letting others live the way they want to, they’re coming for you. They’re not coming for me because they know the Portland Pataphysical Outpatient Clinic, Lounge & Laundromat is heavily mimed.

Now for the good news.

We have less than seven years before our current global extinction event runs out of room to store all our excess deaths above background levels, and that includes all these assholes still struggling for power in world that was not made for them.

Feel better now?

I do.

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