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Boebert Wrongly Claims Gatling Guns Existed When Second Amendment Written

Jun 27, 2022

Says The Tommy Gun Was Named For Jefferson

Freshman Rep. Lorena Boebert (R-Word, CO) appeared on Capitol Report over the weekend to call President Biden a liar for saying “good hard-working patriotic Americans” weren’t able to purchase RPGs, attack helicopters, or automatic weapons at the time the Second Amendment was written.

“There were Gatling guns,” the Repugnicunt lawbreaker claimed during the segment, “People need to learn their history. The machine-gun is what the Industrial Revolution was all about, not tea taxes and woke politics. Who do you think invented the Tommy gun that was named after him? It was Jefferson. My neighbors own a cannon.

Boebert is leading comfortably in the polls to retain her seat because Coloradans all agree that when things aren’t broke, you shouldn’t fix them. That’s #TheAmericanWay.

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