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Lorena Boebert: 'When 9/11 Happened, We Didn't Didn't Ban The TSA"

May 28, 2022

But Progressives Still Want To Defungible Our Hero Cops

Rep. Lorena Boebert (R-Word, CO) was forced to tweet her opposition to the Uvalde “liberal kneejerk reaction to the GOP,” after her Truth Social (TS) account was temporarily suspended for “hateful conduct,” which a spokesnerd at TS attributed to “hacking by a bunch of disgruntled Tik Tok Teens who still think they matter.”

Boebert, like most publicly-funded sponsors of the NRA and mom & pop investors in the weapons of mass destruction market segment of American deceptionalism, is another in our long & illustrious line of stupid populists unable to earn a GED in the first two or three tries. 

Let me once again state #IToldYouSo more than half a century ago that your wishing upon a star for that shining city on the hill was just a eugenicist’s fetish born of decades of worshipping Old Rummy Reagan and encouraging the stupidest among us to grow markeetshare demand for the kinds of stupidity-based fast food and ephemeral services that have made America great. 

If I never encounter another 4-paneled matrix intended to obfuscate the obvious chaos of life, the universe, and other silly shit, I shall still outlive my warranty quite happily.

Can we please make the 2022 mid-term election a clear mandate that the rest of us think the entire global political and economic system is broken and needs fixing?

Sending every one of the stupid assholes in our government and privately-owned supply-side plantation economy packing would be a fitting tribute to the so-called greatest generation, several of whom taught me how this song got them through that incredibly inefficient inventory reduction program historians now call World War II.

"Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all
The long and the short and the tall.
Fuck all the blond cunts and all the brunettes;
Don't be too choosey, just fuck what you gets.
So we're saying goodbye to them all,
As back to our shitholes we crawl.
You'll get no erection at short-arm inspection,
So cheer up, my lads, fuck ‘em all."

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