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Biden Names First Black And LGBT White House Press Secretary

May 5, 2022

Fox Calls Move A Slap In The Face To Kayleigh MAGAninny

If the right-[proudly uneducated]-wing seems particularly butt hurt over the Psaki bush-smacking and buttocks-whacking they’ve endured for the past couple of years, imagine the wails, shrieks, and lamentations from the unwoke mob who already has a hard enough time hiding its fascist racist under the rubric of American Family Values, Religious Freedumb, or Parental Rights.

It’s always wise to remember that neither the Silent nor Moral Majorities have ever been silent, moral, or majorities. They just act that way on TV.

They’re simply loud, proud, ignorant, uneducated, annoying, and prone to violence when things don’t go their way.

If not for our suicidal obsession with the Second Amendment, they would present no problem to deal with at all. But all the actual and threatened bullet holes make it hard to ignore them.

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