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Our Zero Tolerance Culture Is About To Kill The Entire Planet

Apr 22, 2022

I Just Want To Cancel All Of Contemporary Civilization

I’m pretty sure it takes a hell of a lot more guts doing it in your teens or early twenties, but I’ve had it with this binary construct our nation of miserable fucks thrives upon. This isn’t about identity or sexuality or even ideas. In everything we do, we act as if there’s either my way or the highway, which is the essence of binary thinking: right or wrong, proceed or stop, left or right, up or down, and so on and on we drone about pragmatism or idealism, Christian or damned, white or unimportant.

You want to know why the thousands of intelligent extraterrestrial species with the technology to do so no longer visit this planet of miserable fucks?


I have to ask in the midst of the sixth extinction?


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