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Have You Seen Our New Trump Was So Right Stickers?

Apr 4, 2022

Don’t Fall For Chinese Knockoffs

I got the idea from an e-mail I found in one of my many Nazi junk mail folders from the greasy-looking goombah son of the former twice-impeached unindicted co-conspirator & soon to be first former president charged with crimes against a nation of miserable fucks. It asked if I had “seen our new Trump Was So Fucking Right He Made Eva Braun Look Like Hillary Clinton stickers yet?” and I had to admit that I had not.

I must also admit the e-mail contained much other information to which I was not yet privvy. Did you know that Grabito Pussolini was right about everything, which I assume includes life and the universe? Neither did I, but now I can’t get the idea out of my head because I have this actual metaverse e-mail from one of his alleged sons, and who could be more objective in assessing the Nobel-Laureate-like demeanor of his heavenly father than a supposed issue of a shudder in the loins?

Did you realize Turdwaffle was right that intelligence agencies were spying on Turdwaffle’s campaign because he was colluding with foreign powers? At first, I thought it said Austin Powers, but it was just some bird shit on my glasses.

It turns out Turdwaffle was also right in insisting that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real, and not the sick fantasy of some techno-pervert who diddles the youngest of circuits in the privacy of his mom’s sewing closet. Are you really surprised?

He was also right that the Democrat coronavirus COVID-19 hoax was developed by a soft drink company at a Chinese laboratory funded by currency or promisary notes that would have been put to better use funding one of his many PACs.

Don’t you think it’s about time we show the Radical Left that Turdwaffle and his allies were right once and for all, and the insignificant minority of 99% of Americans were wrong?

I don’t get a nickel from any decision you make to waste whatever imaginary disposable income you may have been convinced by plantation economics that you have, so I am not offering an alternative to the sticker shilled by Junior Turdwaffle.

However, the sticker we are promoting looks a lot like this:

I hereby put this idea in the public domain, like Benjamin Franklin, willing to let ideas slosh around in the fetid cess ipt currently called the marketplace of ideas looking for some asshole to get rich with quick, before time runs out on our current bullshit run.

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