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Freedumb Trucker Tucker Carlson Freaks Out Over Obama's Disinformation Speech

Apr 23, 2022

Could The Former Black President Be A Full-Blown Fascist Who Hates You? Alternative Gay Bob Doll Asks

Less than 24 hours after a former president who did not commit treason against America, Barack “The Hussein Man” Obama told an audience of alleged liberals looking for hope and a clean change of clothes at Stanford University on Thursday that it is the duty of even marginally sentient human beings to combat unfunny disinformation wherever they encounter it because “it makes you look like an incel Nazi pigfucker writing from mom’s basement like one of those little boys Tucker likes to groom,” Fox News troglodyte Tucker “Bow Tie Daddy” Carlson warned his viewers that “Obama may look like a real American in blackface and fancy clothes from Amazon, but he’s just a full-blown fascist who hates you and your great heritage. We need to send him a message that he better not try running for president again, because we’re wise to all his Kenyan tricks.”

I couldn’t have written it better myself.

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