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Empathy Is America's Latest Pet Rock

Apr 20, 2022

What A Nation Of Miserable Fucks That Has Such Nimrods In It

I’ve come to the conclusion that America’s current addiction to blaming every failing of reality to live up to the empty promises and endless stupidity that has made the US such a magnet for foreign hucksters and whiners on a lack of empathy is just more supply-side Plantation economic drivel foisted on a largely uneducated public by the scumbag class.

If only more of our insignificant nation of miserable fucks would spend more of their meaningless time on this meaningless planet in this meaningless cosmos trying to appreciate the science of universal puns that make people laugh regardless of the language they were born or forced into learning we wouldn’t be laughing about our imminent extinction.

I’m tired of hearing about how people feel. I don’t care about feelings. I’m not even certain that caring is a real thing, now that I’ve seen thousands of videos showing “lower lifeforms” who do a better job of displaying what caring is than American Family Values ever has.

#TheTerribleSwiftianSword @ #PundyRaunch

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