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Sarah Palin To Appeal Defamation Verdict

Feb 15, 2022

This Wasn’t Just For The Principle Of The Thing

One day after Mr. Judge Roy Bean told a drinking buddy at Rudy’s Bar and Grill that he was going to dismiss Sarah Palin’s suit against the New York Times, regardless of how the jury ruled, because she and her legal team had failed to present any evidence that Palin had any fame worth protecting, the jury could not stop laughing while announcing their decision that Palin had failed to prove her case.

They also said they couldn’t see any way on God’s green Earth that she would be able to do so in the future, even if, as she threatened in more than two dozen court filings, she “hired thousands of illegally trained monkies and equipped them with iPads to fabricate convincing evidence that would make your heads spin. We all know where this effort is heading.”

“I’m not into frivolous lawsuits,” former Gov. Sarah Sirhan Palin (R-Word, AK) told anyone who would listen, following a heart-breaking loss in her attempt to get the New York Times to pay her millions of dollars for the right to continue mocking her in any way they can fit in print, “And I still need the money, so you can be sure I will be back, or you don’t know a thing about us mama bears.”

Is there something I need to know about mama bears? I can’t remember that question on the SATs or the GREs.

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