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Holy Holophrasis Batman

Feb 25, 2022

I Told You So 

Now I get it. There is even a word for the shit we are standing in up to our necks.

Capitalists hate repeating themselves and that’s why we need to shut up and listen very carefully whenever they fart in our general direction during deep-breathing exercises intended to keep the well-oiled machines that protect their investments.

They only have our intrinsic value as human resources in mind when they draft new policies to benefit God’s own economic system. 

That’s why they only talk about building redundant safeguards into the various systems they’ve designed to protect their property rights but not their property, which, of course, is you and me.

There are no truths in this universe. Among the biggest of the lies we live by?

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Capitalism means repeating the same failed policies of the past & expecting to sell the citizenry a more entertaining holocaust.

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