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Crazy Person Complains About Being Treated 'As If I'm Some Kind Of Marjorie Taylor Greene'

Feb 21, 2022

Even I Know Not To Insult Spaz Gaucho Police

A homeless liberal who once suggested that California wildfires were the result of human caused climate change and expressed fears that American Family Values are the root cause for the inability of our nation of miserable fucks to engage in constructive conversations is now complaining that her neighbors are demanding she run for office, if she’s so fucking smart.

When Marjoe Gabler Bream refused to run, she was taken into custody on a 48 hour hold at an undisclosed location in a universe far, far away. Apparently, in Idiotville, it is now considered a sign of mental illness not to participate in petty politics.

Bream has not been seen for more than three weeks.

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