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Bipartisan Governors Tell Biden To Stop With This Pandemic Bullshit

Jan 31, 2022

With All This Climate Change And Collapsing Infrastructure, Does It Really Matter If We All Get Sick? We’ve Got An Economy To Take Care Of

In private, the nation’s leading supply-side plantation economists agree that the ongoing Indochinodemocrat coronavirus hoax could turn out to be one of the greatest things to happen to America’s great heritage since the Wisconsin Death Trip in the Gay Nineties, when gay was still a Christian term of endearment.

“What’s not to like?” asked one member of the investor class who refused to compensate us in return for mentioning his name in this blog post, “We’re losing tons of old farts and ne’er-do-wells who never really loved this country and its plantation economic underpinnings to begin with, and we didn’t even have to expend expensive munitions we can use to quell domestic disturbances. We should thank God for all He has given us.”

Biden appeared to be unfazed by arguments that letting 4.9 million Americans die from a preventable disease just to keep unemployment numbers down was a sound policy decision, although he did allow several of his spokespeople to float various positions to cover all the bases, from xenophobes to white supremacists.

“People are dying,” Biden said, earnestly, gazing soulfully into the camera in a vain attempt to connect with your disbelieving eyes.

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