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Come On People Now, You Never Heard Of Big Brother?

Jan 22, 2022

Can Somebody Please Explain To Me What “Lethal Aid" Is? 

As an average extraordinary citizen of Earth living in a heavily-armed nation of miserable fucks, I find the idea of some country sending lethal aid in anyone's general direction to be somewhat unsettling.

I’ve seen the term used recently, repeatedly, to describe whatever the hell is in all those military transports that generally carry death & destruction from one place to another, and which are currently landing in Ukraine, one after another, spreading lethal peace and love, I can only assume.

Is there a reason why when it’s in print that “lethal aid” is in single or double quotation marks, as if it isn’t really a thing or if it is it is something quite different from advertised that we only acknowledge with a wink & a nudge?

It is truly amazing the clueless admissions we have come to accept & call it business as usual in the ordinary conduct of our daily patriotic duites in this supply-side plantation democracy.

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