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Laurena Boebert Mocked For Another Dumb Constitution Tweet

Sep 23, 2021

Colorado Lawmaker Confuses 10 Commandments With Bill Of Rights

Never the brightest bulb in the toilet bowl nightlight, freshman lawmaker Laurena Boebert (Dumbshit, CO) doubled down on her standing as a constitutional scholar today when she told stunned reporters: “Let bees that have no knees be the buzz to cast the first idol,” as it protects us in the first amendment.

The pistol-packing mama bear wannabe claims to be a strict constitutionalist, which means she considers the constitution, like everything else God has given us, perfectly immutable& shall not be altered or disrespected, as the Founding Fathers clearly intended by their inclusion of The Commandments as an addendum we call The Bill of Rights.

Even Twitter was stunned into silence.

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