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Laurena Boebert's Gas Problem

Aug 28, 2021

Nazi Lawbreaker Concealed Fragrant Conflict Of Interest

Colorado congressturd Boebert’s husband has been selling her farts as renewable energy, a fact she omitted from her financial disclosure forms.

According to information obtained through a freedom of disinformation act request, PMS has learned that the insurrectionist freshman lawbreaker may have committed a criminal act by failing to disclose her husband’s involvement in an alternative oil and gas drilling company that repackages intestinal gas from Repugnicunt gasbags while collecting subsidies from the federal government intended to support research and development into non-fossil fuels.

Boebert, whose flatulence has been called “legendary” by those who strive to avoid being in her presence, is considered to be one of the most explosive proponents of anal energy production.

We did not even try to reach the quivering asshole for comment.

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