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Antifa Admits COVID Is On Their Side

Aug 30, 2021

“Very Fine People On The Wrong Side Of History Are Finally Getting Theirs,” Queen Antifa Smiles

It has apparently come to the attention of the GOP that anti-vax leaders & on-air spokesNazi personalities have begun succumbing to the Chinese Democrat coronavirus hoax in alarming numbers.

 Just this  week nearly a dozen of the #AltReich’s most passionate inciters of our Christian God’s vengeful violence have drowned in their own uneducated bodily fluids. Even former twice-impeached & unindicted co-conspirator KuklaM*A*S*H J. Turdwaffle was roundly booed at one of his raucous rallies after recommending that the attendees get vaccinated.

El Gordo Largo, King Of the Supersized, was so stunned by the hostility shown him by his own very fine people that he dropped the subject like a case of ethics & is considering moving to Moscow to be closer to his real friends, if he can find Melania.

Even worse for the GOP, it now appears COVID has been embraced by the heavily-vaccinated radical left as God’s own cure for America’s deadly stupidity virus, a malady that has infected nearly every available right-wing organism in our nation of miserable fucks since the bicentennial when Old Rummy Reagan began instituting his new confederacy resurrected through supply-side plantation economics, & propped up by a highly militarized community police state.

When you build an uneducated  nation of miserable fucks grounded on the conceit that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, what goes around inevitably comes around.

We can only hope that these Repugnicunt efforts to save its endangered ideology are entirely too little & far too late to stage another insurrection, much less get enough ambulatory Nazi voters to the polls in the shit-hole states to prevent a progressive tsunami in 2022 that finally ends 40 years of Reagan legacy #MinorityRule once & for all.

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