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Things They Don't Teach You Or Teach You Not To Do

Jul 8, 2021

Always Put Incriminating Things In Writing

The key thing to remember as you navigate the mysteries of American family values & our supply side plantation economy is that you are both the product and the customer in any employment or marketplace arrangement.

You are chattel, which seems counter-intuitive but is nowhere more obvious than in professional sports employment, where top athletes are bought and sold on a regulated market to the cheers or derision of targeted demographics.

You are already in prison if you manage to evade the blessed relief of legal abortion and survive to become working livestock.

That’s why I became a pataphysical spelunker and have spent several decades decorating the walls of the most obscure caverns I could find. That’s always where the real work of humanity is done.

Consider the audacity of creatures who would create a technology to allow a very few of them to venture into total darkness and spend weeks or months or years creating masterworks that may not be viewed for hundreds of thousand of years. They’ll spend the gross national product of the African continent to do the darnedest thing, as old Art Linklater so clearly understood.

You know what the first question is not going to be? “How the hell did they paint this in total darkness? And why horses, why not Teslas?”

Piece of cake.

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