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Repugnicunts Blame Capitol Cops For 1/6 Riots

Jul 28, 2021

“They Started It!” Say Die-Hard Nazis

Following the first day of the House investigation into the January 6th Turdwaffle Insurrection, GOP leaders & their press secretaries at Fox News trotted out their go-to whataboutism & prevarication strategies in hopes of keeping their uneducated white supremacist base thinking at the 4th grade level because that strategy isn’t broken, so no one is about to fix it.

Noted cracker Laura Ingraham used her Fox News podium to belittle officers who testified to the violence & indifference promoted by the GOP by mocking Iraq war veteran Harry Dunn as a crisis actor who “thinks the pen is literally mightier than the sword,” after Dunn listed the kinds of objects the Nazi interlopers used as weapons during the attack that left 5 people dead & scores wounded. This is Cracker Connie’s favorite accusation to level at victims of gun violence & police brutality, because God tells her He approves of her message.

Her white supremacist colleague Tucker “Buttfucker” Carlson continued the outlet’s Goering-inspired propaganda by arguing that “what happened on January 6, according to the video we do have, does not look a lot like Iraq,” signalling what he hopes to see when Turdwaffle’s supporters storm DC next month to reinstitute the feckless führer of Mar A Lago.

Ain’t that just The American Way!

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