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Slavitt Suggests Trump As Bad As Reagan

Jun 13, 2021

Former Biden Aide Cites COVID Failures

During an interview with “Faceplanting the Nation” this morning, Uncle Sleepy Joe Biden’s former senior adviser to the COVID-19 triage softball team suggested the failures of The President of the Q-Anon States of America in bungling the handling of our COVID debacle were the very traits Repugnicunts had been boldly proclaiming was most excellent about the epoch of Ron & Nancy’s incredible adventures in social engineering & artificial intellicide.

Without mentioning names of who might have inspired Fatty Carbunkle to act as irresponsibly & catastrophically as he did in the early days of the ongoing pandemic, (which has already killed as many Earthlings this year as in all of 2020), Andy “Divine” Slavitt listed three major failures that enabled a minor outbreak in Wuhan, China, to become the worst wholly preventable global pandemic since “The Gay Plague.”

  1. Turdwaffle publicly dismissed the virus as no big deal
  2. He spent much of his time belittling experts & calling basic science a liberal hoax
  3. He saw only political opportunity as the body count climbed 

Compare this response, to the patron saint of Repugnicunt perfection, Old Rummy Ronald Reagan.

  1. The Old Rummy truly believed a virus could have a sexual preference & God was on his side
  2. He spent his tenure entertaining the liberal media who fawned over him like a hooker with a heart of gold hungry to gobble his wisdom with tales of killer trees
  3. He saw only political opportunity as the body count climbed.

So it goes.

Carry on.

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