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I Got Vaccinated & Wear A Mask

Jun 25, 2021

Are You So Happy You Do Neither?

Well, good for you. I’m sure you are well-insured & have your entire life planned as efficiently as the one you’ve been raised into. What could go wrong? 

The truth is, I don’t know you. Why would I give a fuck if you disappeared? If I gave a fuck about even a tenth of a percent of people in my own time line who disappeared, I would have disappeared myself 50 years ago. What about you, asshole?

I  love existential trick questions nearly as much as the former president of the United States loves the uneducated.

Right now in this country, nearly everyone being admitted to the hospital for or dying from COVID (still around 300 a day, BTW) is unvaccinated. The official percentage of unvaccinated among the #AmericaFirst COVID dead in May was 99.2%.  It gives new meaning to the idea of making America great again. Go fo

Meanwhile, I’ve been fully vaccinated since mid-March, but I still put on a mask when I get out of the car if I’m about to enter an area with people I do not know who may be uneducated, unvaccinated, or both. I do not know many people. I prefer to keep it that way. It keeps me alive.

You do you.

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