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Gays Not Covered By Florida Anti-Protestor Law

Jun 20, 2021

Desantis Clarifies Rule Of Law

When quintessential #FloridaMan  & Governor McRonald DeSantis  signed HB 1 into law on April 19th of this year, he probably didn’t expect  that the first test of his so-called “Anti-Riot Act” would arrive when a drunken member of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus accidently plowed into a group of gay revelers at the Wilton Manors pride parade, a throng that included former DNC ChairTerrorist Debbie Downer Schultz, but that’s just what happened at this year’s Juneteenth Pride Parade.

A spokes-supremacist for the governor’s office assured supporters that the Anti-Riot Act was designed to protect “legitimate conservative voters from being inconvenienced by antifa & Black Lives Matter terrorists & obstructionists on their way to their important jobs of upholding the whites of the American people, & we are convinced it was not intended to protect perverts.”

The dead could not be reached for comment.

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