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Marco Polo Has Been Replaced

May 26, 2021

By "Feckless Cunt” In New Kancel Kulchur Kid Game

By now, everyone who matters on planet Earth is aware that I have been temporarily suspended from Twitter by some pantywaist whose knickers got bunched so tightly they were mistaken for benign polyps during one of Jack’s random colonoscopy drug tests. I may be stuck in appeals like that guy in Kafka’s The Trial who died waiting at the doors to the Hall of  Justice, athough I consider the entire process to be in keeping with the pataphysical law of entropy, which sees time as one more thing that God intended to be wasted.

Jack should know better than to go mango y mango with the guy who inspired Gary Larson to draw this cartoon nearly 50 years ago:

Here in Idiotville, God remains in his heaven & all is white with the world, so I can open the window on my study & shout into the wilderness: “FECKLESS!” & be assured that with 5-10 seconds my distant neighbor, Marjoe Faylor Greenego, will holler back: “CUNT!”

Ironically, Marjoe is still on Twitter.

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