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Countdown To 700 Thousand, Day 1!

May 16, 2021

The Coronavirus Hoax Goes On!

A regular feature of my suspended Twitter feed was regular updates to the Totally Preventable Body Count that you should be able to search for on  Jack’s personal piggy bank using #CountdownTo100Thousand, #CountdownTo200Thousand, & so on, but you won’t find anything these days if you search most of my hashtags, because long before I was finally temporarily suspended for angering the The Amalgamated Feckless Cunts of America, my tweets were routinely #Shadownbanned, #SearchSuggestionBanned, #SearchBanned, or #Ghostbanned, when they weren’t subject to #ReplyDeboosting. So it goes.

Regular bowel movement readers of this outlaw Web site that done got out of hand will be happy to hear that even Uncle Joe Biden has not been able to stem the tide of corpse production set in motion by the Boys From Mar-A-Lago, & we have indeed today reached a new milestone in our attempt to bury 2.4 million Americans who would have survived this stupidity pandemic if they had been born in a civilized country like Australia, New Zealand, or China.

La de da de de, la de da de die.

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