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It's My Twitter Suspension Anniversary!

Apr 7, 2021

These temporary suspensions have a way of hanging around like a bad case of drug-resistant clap. Today marks one month since I wadded the knickers up the asscrack of some nimrod or other for suggesting that the title of Ivanka’s forthcoming memoir about her White House grifting should be called “Once a Feckless Cunt, Always A Feckless Cunt: Loud & Proud For Daddy.” In fact, for those who missed the post last month, here’s the notice from some heel belonging to one of Jack’s jackboots.

I contacted the support team, of course, but received no response, so I contacted them again, also getting no response. Customer service on Twitter apparently consists of marination. So I attemped to establish a new alternative account, but was surprised to discover that my phone number was either “invalid” or “unsupported."

Undeterred, I hopped the Idiotville shuttle over to Burner Phones Я Us & tried establishing a new Portland Pataphysical HQ (@PPOCLL) account, but no sooner did I create my first post than that account was suspended as well.

There is a chance that Jack is afraid to allow me back in his sandbox because Q would then demand reinstatement of the former turd’s account as well, to keep the platform fair & balanced. I can live with that. One cave wall is pretty much the same as the next, but I figured I’d give the appeal process one more shot, so in honor of my first month anniversary, I sent this out as a matter of atonement for my evil deeds.

I’ll give it a few months & see if this will finally get the shit flowing again.

Mockingbirds, wish me luck.

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