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Chauvinists Defend Chauvin

Mar 29, 2021

“He Was Only Taking A Knee!"

Fresh from her recent stint as High Priestess Of All The Former Guy's Dominion, fugitive lawyer Sydney Powell weighed in on the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin this morning from an undisclosed location in a colorful phone call to Fox & Friends.

After calling her own defense that “no rational person would ever take anything I say seriously, how can anyone not believe this trial is a sham, making a mockery of the first amendment,” Powell insisted, “Where was the intent? Where was the smoking gun? The worst he’s guilty of, if you ask me, is cultural appropriation of Colin Kaepernick’s trademark move, & I’m not sure he even trademarked it, he’s such a communist."

“My God,” gasped one of the Fox News Doocybags.

“Your God has nothing to do with this,” Powell shouted before her line went dead.

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